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Su, Jenn Fang

Jenn Fang Su
Associate Professor


  • Doctorate– University of Delaware  2017

  • Masters– National Central University  2010

  • Bachelors– Chang Gung University  2008


  • Associate Professor– Chang Gung University (2023–Present)

  • Associate Professor–Tamkang University (2022–2023)

  • Assistant Professor–Tamkang University (2019–2022)

Research Areas

  • Environmental Materials

  • Electrochemistry

  • Catalysts 

  • Nitrate Reduction

  • Permselective Membrane 

  • Battery Recycling


Phone:  (03)-2118800

Email:  jennfangsu@mail.cgu.edu.tw

Lab:  Catalytic and Environmental Materials Laboratory-ext:3036


Select Publications

For a complete listing of publications, please visit here. 

  1. W.-F. Kuan, F.-Y. Chang, J.-J. Chang, H.-C. Kuo, C.-H. Hsieh, J. F. Su*, C.-L. Chen, "Building high-capacity mesoporous adsorbents for fluoride removal through increased surface oxygen anions using organogel-assisted synthesis," Journal of Cleaner Production, 2023, 401, 136784 (Impact Factor: 11.072).

  2. Y.-L. Su, K. G. Beltsios, J. F. Su*, L.-P. Cheng, "Preparation of poly (vinyl alcohol-co-ethylene) hollow fiber membranes for high-flux ultrafiltration applications," Polymer, 2023, 266, 125607 (Impact Factor: 4.432).

  3. C.-C. Ho, J. F. Su*, "Boosting permeation and separation characteristics of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes by structure modification via dual-PVP pore formers," Polymer, 2022, 241(15), 124560 (Impact Factor: 4.432)

  4. J. F. Su*, K. G. Beltsios, P.-H. Li, L.-P. Cheng, “Facile formation of symmetric microporous PVDF membranes via vapor-induced phase separation of metastable dopes,” Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2022, 634(5), 128012 (Impact Factor: 5.518)

  5. C.-C. Chang, S.-T. Yu, J. F. Su*, L.-P. Cheng, “Asymmetric and bi-continuously structured polyethersulfone (PES) membranes with superior water flux for ultrafiltration application,” Journal of Polymer Research, 2022, 29, 23 (Impact Factor: 3.061)

  6. C.-L. Chen, Y.-J. Shih, J. F. Su, K.-L. Chen, C.-P. Huang, “Mesoporous zirconium pyrophosphate for the adsorption of fluoride from dilute aqueous solutions,” Chemical Engineering Journal, 2022, 427(1), 132034 (Impact Factor: 16.744)

  7. C.-C. Ho, J. F. Su*, L.-P. Cheng, “Fabrication of high-flux asymmetric polyethersulfone (PES) ultrafiltration membranes by nonsolvent induced phase separation process: Effects of H2O contents in the dope,” Polymer, 2021, 217(5), 123451 (Impact Factor: 4.432)

  8. J. F. Su, W.-F. Kuan, C.-L. Chen, C. P. Huang, “Enhancing electrochemical nitrate reduction toward dinitrogen selectivity on Sn- Pd bimetallic electrodes by surface structure design,” Applied Catalysis A: General, 2020, 606, 117809 (Impact Factor: 5.723)

  9. J. F. Su, W.-F. Kuan, H. Liu, C. P. Huang, “Mode of electrochemical deposition on the structure and morphology of bimetallic electrodes and its effect on nitrate reduction toward nitrogen selectivity,” Applied Catalyst B: Environmental, 2019, 257(15), 117909 (Impact Factor: 24.319)

  10. C.-L. Chen, S.-W. Park, J. F. Su, Y.-H. Yu, J. Heo, K. Kim, C. P. Huang, “Tailoring the surface of commercial activated carbons with quaternary ammonium salts to enhance the removal of fluoride from waters,” Science of the Total Environment, 2019, 693(25), 133605 (Impact Factor: 10.753)

Book Chapter Publication

  1. J. F. Su, C.-L. Chen, and C. P. Huang, “Membrane-Based Hybrid Processes for Wastewater Treatment. Chapter 10: Permselective Membranes for Wastewater Treatment,” 2021, Elsevier Inc., Amsterdam (NL), 181-204.