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Greeting from the Head

Greeting from the Head!


Thank you for visiting our website! The chemical and materials engineering discipline covers a wide variety of chemicals, materials, environmental and biological synthesis and processing. The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering (CME) at CGU provides a cutting edge and world-class educational program to foster creative, entrepreneurial global leaders who are also socially responsible. Also, we engage in active research programs that range from fundamental basic research to practical and applied technologies. The true potentials and impacts of our research activities should integrate with education for the future generations. Therefore, we also focus on training our undergraduate and graduate students to become global leaders who will lead the related industry and academia.


We are facing a new industrial revolution characterized by rapidly growing innovative technologies. Under these emerging changes, we will play a leading role in integrating traditional chemical and materials engineering with new innovative technologies.


Currently, all the members of our CME — professors, staff members, research scientists, and students — endeavor to achieve these goals. As the head of the CME at CGU, I sincerely thank you for visiting our website and I hope you understand our goals as we establish ourselves as the leading chemical and materialsl engineering program in the world.


Fang-Chyou Chiu, Ph.D.


Professor and Head

Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering,

Chang Gung University



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