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Core competency

Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering


I. Educational Objectives:  

  1.  Educate students to be familiar with the fundamentals of science and engineering, including the fundamental knowledge of chemical engineering.
  2.  Develop student’s experimental skills.
  3.  Train students to apply modern experimental and computer technologies to solve engineering problems.
  4.  Make students ready to enter the job market.



II. Student Learning Outcomes:  a. Ability to utilize the knowledge in mathematics, science, and chemical engineering.
 b. Ability to design and execute chemical engineering experiments and to calculate, analyze, explain, and report experimental data.
 c. Ability to build up the technologies and the expertise required in the chemical engineering field and to use the instruments and the equipment in the chemical engineering industry.
 d. Ability to integrate the fundamental knowledge and the technologies of chemical engineering and materials engineering in solving engineering design problems.
 e. Ability to communicate effectively, to cooperate with others, and to perform team work.
 f. Ability to explore, to analyze, and to solve the problems encountered in chemical engineering.
 g. Ability to recognize the impacts of engineering technologies on the environment, the society, and the global community and to apply chemical engineering technologies in solving social problems, including industrial safety and environmental protection, resulted from industrial development.
 h. Ability to treasure professional ethics and responsibility and to improve chemical engineering technologies through continuous learning.


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