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[Honors] Congratulations to 謝定宏、張胤萱、林廷翰 (instructed by 吳明忠老師) for winning the First Prize in the 2021 Materials Research Society-Taiwan International Conference (2021 MRSTIC) Poster Paper Competition

The Materials Research Society-Taiwan International Conference is an annual event in the field of materials science in Taiwan. Domestic and international experts are invited to exchange the latest progress and research trends in materials processing, structure, functionality, identification analysis, and their applications in various fields. Due to the impact of the pandemic, this year's conference has been changed to an online asynchronous format, and all submissions will be presented in English orally.

The topic of this paper is "Detection of volatile organic compounds using aligned WO3/SnO2/Ag/PMMA freestanding fibrous film." The concentration of acetone in exhaled breath of diabetic patients is positively correlated with blood glucose concentration, making it a potential biomarker gas for exhaled breath analysis. In this study, a three-dimensional PMMA nanostructure sensing material was prepared based on the development of electrospinning technology, and appropriate process conditions and gas-sensitive materials were added to enhance the sensitivity of volatile organic compound (VOC) gas sensing. The material can detect acetone with a detection limit of 20 ppm, and can also detect various common VOCs (such as methanol, toluene, and acetone) at concentrations below 100 ppm.


It is hoped that in the future, this sensing material can reduce the frequency and pressure of invasive testing for patients, and improve the sensitivity and accuracy of instruments to identify early-stage diabetic patients, reducing waste of medical resources and improving the quality of life for patients. This study was awarded the First Prize in the conference poster competition. Congratulations to students T.H. Hsieh, Y.H. Chang, and T.H. Lin.

reference: https://mrstic2021.mrst.org.tw/




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