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Congratulations to alumni 陳志豪 for winning the 19th Outstanding Alumni of Chang Gung University

Congratulations to Chen Zhihao, an alum of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (PhD, class of 2015), for being selected as one of the outstanding alumni of Chang Gung University's 19th Alumni Awards. The selection was made by President Pao-Chu Chang and 14 committee members at the Alumni Awards Selection Meeting held on April 29, 2021. Other outstanding alumni who stood out among many contenders include Tong Heng-Shin (Department of Nursing, class of 1984), Wu Yi-Hong (Department of Electrical Engineering, class of 1990), and Zhuang Hai-Hua (Department of Medicine, class of 1995). Congratulations to all outstanding Chang Gung alumni! Your remarkable achievements serve as the best role models for younger generations at Chang Gung University and have brought great honor to the university. Congratulations again!

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