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About us

Chemical and Materials Engineering department of the Chang Gung University is combined programs for study and exploratory research in the applied chemistry, applied physics, biotechnology, and engineering science. Chemical and Materials Engineering department in CGU is one of few programs available in Universities at Taiwan offering comprehensive training of engineering materials & chemical engineering in one department and research institute. The marriage of chemical engineering with material technology in a single department offers superb collaborative opportunities.
In additional of the undergraduate studies, the department hosts the Institute of Chemical and Materials Engineering and the Institute of Biochemical and biomedical engineering . The highly regarded graduates program is quickly gaining national prominence by integrating the resources of Engineering school and Medical school of Chang Gung University and the connections of Formosa Plastics Group and the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Chain System . More than 250 faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and staff support our research and teaching missions. The excellence of these groups and the quality of our undergraduates establish the reputation in the academics and the industries. Each year, we graduate about 50 undergraduates and confer approximately 50 graduate degrees. Our graduates pursue their careers in industries, academics, and government.
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