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Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Hsiu-Po Kuo

Professor and Associate Dean

Particle Technology Laboratory

Tel.: +886-3-2118800 Ext 5488

Fax: (03) 2118668

E-mail: hpkuo@mail.cgu.edu.tw


Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Department Chair


Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taiwan



Kyushu University

Visiting Professor


Advanced Powder Technology (SCI Journal)



Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Associate Professor


Incubation Centre, Chang Gung University, Taiwan



Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Assistant Professor


Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Postdoctoral researcher




The University of Birmingham, UK

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering


National Taiwan University, Taiwan

B.Sc., Chemical Engineering



Research Fields and Expertise

1. Particle Technology

2. Particle Motion Simulation

3. Multi-phase Flow

4. Fluidization


Honors and Awards

1.    The best-contributed editor in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 for SCI Journal Advanced Powder Technology (IF= 2.478, The Society of Powder Technology, Japan)

2.    International Organizing Committee of Asian Particle Technology Symposium since 2012

3.    Scientific Committee, PARTEC 2013, Nuremberg, Germany

4.    Guest lecturer, 22th Nisshin Engineering Particle Technology International Seminar (NEPTIS-22), February, 2014, Tokyo, Japan

5.    Invited speaker, Fluidization & Particle Processing Symposium (FB-21), Nov. 2015, Kitakyushu, Japan

6.    Invited speaker,日本化学工学会第81年会, March, 2016, Kansai University, Japan

7.    Chair, 7th Asian Particle Technology Symposium(APT2017), 30 July-1 August, 2017, Taoyuan, Taiwan


 Recent Publications

1.       H.P. Kuo*, B.R. Hou and A.N. Huang, 2017, "The influences of the gas fluidization velocity on the properties of bio-oils from fluidized bed pyrolyzer with in-line distillation", Applied Energy, in press.

2.       A.N. Huang, C.P. Hsu, B.R. Hou and H.P. Kuo*, 2017, "Production and separation of rice husk pyrolysis bio-oils from a fractional distillation column connected fluidized bed reactor", Powder Technology, in press.

3.       H.P. Kuo*, S.W. Yao, A.N. Huang and W.Y. Hsu, 2017, "Photocatalytic degradation of toluene in a staged fluidized bed reactor using TiO2/silica gel", The Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 34(1), pp. 73–80.

4.       A.N. Huang, N. Maeda, D. Shibata, T. Fukasawa, H. Yoshida, H.P. Kuo and K. Fukui*, 2017, "Influence of a laminarizer at the inlet on the classification performance of a cyclone separator", Separation and Purification Technology, 174, pp. 408–416.

5.       H.P. Kuo*, H.A. Tsai, A.N. Huang and W.C. Pan, 2016, "CIGS absorber preparation by non-vacuum powder-based screen printing and far infrared RTA densification", Applied Energy, 164, pp. 1003-1011.

6.       H.P. Kuo*, W.T. Tseng and A.N. Huang, 2016, "Controlling of segregation in rotating drums by independent end wall rotations", KONA Powder and Particle Journal, 33, pp. 238–248.

7.       C.Y. Li, S. Appari, L.X. Zhang, A.N. Huang, H.P. Kuo, S. Kudo, J.I. Hayashi, K. Norinaga*, 2015, "Modeling of gas/particle flow in coal conversion with a drop tube reactor using a lumped kinetic model accounting volatiles char interaction", Fuel Processing Technology, 138, pp. 588–594.

8.       C.Y. Cheng, A.N. Huang and H.P. Kuo*, 2015, "Preparation of the diffuser films using a 1700 mm wide reverse mode gravure coating system", Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 48(4), pp 1–7.

9.       郭修伯,2015化腐朽為神奇-以長庚大學與台塑石化公司副產石灰產學合作案為例,台塑企業雜誌46(4)7月號,pp. 300–306

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12.    H.P. Kuo*, C.F. Yang, A.N. Huang, C.T. Wu and W.C Pan, 2014, "Preparation of the working electrode of dye-sensitized solar cells: effects of screen printing parameters", Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 45, pp. 2340-2345.

13.    A.N. Huang and H.P. Kuo*, 2014, "Developments in the tools for the investigation of mixing in particulate systems - a review", Advanced Powder Technology, 25, pp. 163-173.

14.    H.P. Kuo*, H.Y. Tseng, A.N. Huang and R.C. Hsu, 2014, "A study of the ash production behavior of spent limestone powders in CFBC", Advanced Powder Technology, 25, pp. 472-475.

15.    H.P. Kuo*, C.T. Wu, 2014, "Speed up dye-sensitized solar cell fabrication by rapid dye solution droplets bombardment", Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 120(A), pp. 81-86.

16.    C.Y. Cheng, Y.N. Yang, A.N. Huang and H.P. Kuo*, 2013, "Steam hydration of CFBC bottom ashes in a rotary kiln", Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 44(6), pp.1060-1066.

17.    H. Yang, S. Kudo, H.P. Kuo, K. Norinaga, A. Mori, O. Masek, J. Hayashi*, 2013, "Estimation of enthalpy of bio-oil vapor and heat required for pyrolysis of biomass", Energy & Fuels, 27(5), pp. 2675-2686.

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