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Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Tsan-Sheng Lu

Tsan-Sheng Lu

Associate Professor 

Tel:+886-3-2118800 ext. 5675



Work Experience
ITRI/UCL Researcher 1988-1997
Ming-Chi Institute of Technology Lecturer 1981-1984


Academic Education
National Tsing Hua University Ph.D. 1984-1988
National Tsing Hua University M.S 1979-1981
National Central University B.S 1972-1976


Adsorptive separation and purification
Modeling of adsorption process
Chemical process development


Research Interests
Characterization of adsorbents, separation of isomers, removal of trace impurities
Simulation of fixed- bed adsorptive process, chromatographic separation
Kinetic study of chemical reaction


Recent Publication
  1. 盧贊生、游逸駿,「以固相擴散模式探討管狀被動式採樣器之採樣率與採樣時間的關係」,勞工安全衛生季刊,民92,第十一卷第三期,197-207。
  2. 盧贊生,「批次攪拌槽與固定床的吸附性能比較」,化工技術,民90,第九卷第三期,134-147。
  3. Lie-Ding Shiau and Tsan-Sheng Lu, “Interactive Effects of Particle Mixing and Segregation on the Performance Characteristics of a Fluidized Bed Crystallizer”, I. & E. C. Res., vol 40, No 2, 2001, 707-713.
  4. S. J. Huang, Y. C. Yu, T. Y. Lee, T.S. Lu,“Correlations and Characterization of Porous Solids by Fractal Dimension and Porosity”, Physica A, 274, 1999, 419-432.
  5. 盧贊生,「吸附劑之篩選方法」,觸媒與製程,民87,第六卷第四期,33-40。