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Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering


There are 21 faculties in our department and all of them awarded Ph.D. degrees. The research area includes different subjects:




Professor & Department Chair Fang-Chyou Chiu Nano & Green Polymers Lab.
Professor & Associate Dean Hsiu-Po Kuo Particle Technology Lab.
Chair Professor Ruey-Shin Juang Separation Materials and Techniques  Lab.
Professor Jessie Lue Microcontamination & Membrane Separation Lab.
Professor Jyh-Ping Chen Bioengineering Lab.
Professor Lie-Ding Shiau Crystallization Technology Lab.
Professor Jen-Ming Yang Lab. of Polymers for Biomaterials & Membrane Technology
Professor Mu-Yi Hua Organic Opto-eletronic Lab.
Professor Kong-Wei Cheng Energy Materials and Thermodynamic Research Lab.
Professor Chi-Hsien Liu Cell Engineering Lab.
Professor Chia-Chang Lin Hi-Gee Lab.
Professor Shau-Wei Tsai Bioreactor engineering Lab.
Associate Professor Tsan-Sheng Lu Chemical Engineering Process Lab.
Associate Professor Ruey-Chi Hsu Fluid Operation Lab.
Associate Professor Hsin-Chun Lu Ceramic Materials Lab.
Associate Professor Andrew Lin Electrochemical Technology Lab.
Associate Professor Gow-Bin Wang Process Control and Simulation Lab.
Associate Professor Chia-Liang Sun Advanced Materials Lab.
Associate Professor Ming-Chung Wu Frontier Nanomaterials Lab
Associate Professor Kun-Mu Lee Frontier Green Energy Materials Lab
Assistant Professor Bor-Yih Yu
Process Systems Engineering Lab